Friday, January 7, 2011

Moesha Is Back... At Least The Braids Are

Brandy over a decade ago
Remember the show Moesha? It was about a father raising his children on his own. Brandy, known as Moesha on the show, was the star of the television series. Throughout the series she only wore braids. Well, while the show was on tv over a decade ago, Brandy can still be seen rocking the braids.

Dollphace and Brandy
Actually, she's been wearing weaves for a while now. Her hair has been seen in curly weaves, straight weaves, and even wavy weaves. However, for the premier of the television show "The Game" Brandy wore her hair in braids. This is a first for her in years.

While at the premier Brandy was also seen with Terrance J of 106 and Park. Many blogs have been reporting that they are a couple. I guess I'm waiting for Terrance to mention it one day on the show. More pictures are below.

Brandy and Terrance J

Ray J,  Debra Lee, and Brandy

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