Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Be Careful Who You Share Your Success With

Be Careful Who You Share Your Success With

"Be careful who you share your dreams with." Have you ever heard that saying? It's an old saying that is used, because not everyone believes in you. Many people around you will work hard to kill your dreams or deter you from your goals. While I've seen the effects of this saying, last week I had the pleasure of seeing a new saying come into effect. It is "Be careful who you share your success with." It came alive through Ted Williams, also known as the golden voice man.

Just a couple of weeks ago Ted Williams was standing on the side of a street holding up a sign begging for change. Like millions of others across the United States he was homeless. However, unlike the millions of other people Williams had a special voice. One day someone recognized his special voice and put a video of him on youtube. The video was an attempt to let Americans know that Williams could do more than hold up a sign on a street corner. It worked. The video saw almost 15 million views before being removed. However, this wasn't the beginning of Williams success.

The beginning of Ted Williams success started a week ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers offered him a job as an announcer. From one job offer Williams went from an internet sensation to sharing his success story with the world. Every internet site and news station celebrated him. Every newspaper and magazine had an article on Williams. Everyone wanted to interview him and unfortunately he ate up all of the attention.

Just as quickly as the media built Williams up, in less than a week the media started to destroy him. There was a report of Williams being detained by cops. Then there was drama with Williams and his family. The good story was he reunited with his mom and the bad story was he argued with one of his children. During it all Williams started drinking and unfortunately he went on an interview with Dr. Phil. This was his low point. Dr. Phil actually told Williams on national television that he needed to go to rehab. The man had only been living on the streets for years and only seen success for less than week and all you can tell him is go to rehab? Because Ted Williams wasn't used to all of the attention he reluctantly entered rehab, which is where he is now. Luckily for Williams the Celeveland Cavaliers still wants him as an announcer when he gets out of rehab, but still could all of this have been prevented if Williams would have been careful of who he was sharing his success story with.

Not everyone was on his side. In fact one of his daughters acted as if she didn't care about his achievement. She was still intent on making him look bad. That is why you have to be careful who you share you success with. In fact be aware of who you can share your success with. Learn who's always going to be happy for you and who's going to be willing to help you. Then learn to stay away from those that are going to always point out your faults and try to hold you back.

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  1. girl YES. This is so true. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.