Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Reflection: The Stupid Mistakes We Make

2011 has started off a little crazy.

First I went to the drivers license place without the registration to my car. That's partly my dad's fault since he still feels the need to hold onto some part of my uncontrollable life. Then today I desperately wanted to wash my hair. It just wasn't feeling right. As I picked up the stuff I'd been using for the past couple of weeks I realized it wasn't shampoo. It was actually conditioner. I felt so embarrassed and relieved at the same time. The problem  of why my head wasn't feeling nice was solved. As for now it's been washed with some shampoo and it feels a thousand times better. The great thing about this is I can laugh about this situation.

However, sometimes when we dwell on our mistakes it tends to upset us more than make us laugh and it's usually not that serious. Don't let your mistakes stress you out. Make them and then  laugh about them. After all they'll never stop happening.

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