Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Reflections: New Year, New Opportunities, New Chances To Stand Out In The Public

It's only the second day of 2011, but many people are already finding ways to make this year memorable. Some are determined to make the new year better, some are looking for new opportunities to top what they've already done, and others are just trying to stand out in the media.

In 2010 Nelly and Ashanti made several announcements denying their love for each other, but this year they are already forgetting that they're only friends. At a New Years celebration they were shown looking very intimate. From looking at the pictures it was definitely an "aww" moment.

In the past Nicki Minaj has talked about being bisexual, but for 2011 she seems to be thinking of only men. One man in particular is Drake. Drake has spoken publicly about having a crush on Nicki and his crush seems like one that will never end. Could this be a new opportunity at love for both of them? Or could it be the makings of a new music video?

There's a girl by the name of Nicole Hardesty who's made what some people might call a weird new years resolution. While many people are trying to get into relationships, she's vowed to stay single for the whole year. What can she get out of this? She might just be looking for attention, but if you interested in her single journey you can read about it at

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