Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love (2011 Poem)

(2011 Poem)
By Miss Too Sexy

A while ago love took a break
Well society actually scared it away
Threw verbal attacks and left physical bruises on love
Confused love until love turned into hate
Love tried to fight back
Threw cuss words at unsuspecting people
And treated others like a punching bag
But love was no match for the cruel world
So love ran away
Left a note and said it was taking a break
Couldn’t handle anyone at his or her worse state
Abandoned the heart of the hopeless romantic
And forgot to let the guy know to take the girl on a date
But recently love resurfaced and was not prepared for what it saw
Women purposely running from love
Choosing to be single for a year, maybe more
People in the club singing “I’m single”
Letting a song persuade them to cheat on their significant others
Love was hurt when it realized long distance relationships were rare
People had become afraid of emotional bondage from far away
And love couldn’t handle the fact that one night stands were popular
Love liked for strings to be attached.
Strings led to dating
And dating led to relationships
Relationships could lead to the engagement ring
Which would eventually lead to marriage and kids
But someone informed love about the statistic for single mothers
Then love took a good look at society
Love was ready to give up
Disappear some more
Until love realized love didn’t live in Pleasantville
Maybe this is what love is.

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