Monday, January 31, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale Review

Last night the Real Housewives of Atlanta came on and there were definitely some interesting moments. Here's a run down of what happened with each character.

The highlight of last night's show was Cynthia's wedding. At the beginning of the day Cynthia seemed nervous about Peter. Instead of encouraging her to have a positive attitude everyone (except her daughter) tried to convince her not to marry Peter. No one was positive. In fact Cynthia's mother and sister hid her marriage license in order to put even more doubt in her mind. However, in the end Cynthia slid on her custom made wedding dress and made what she thought was the best decision of her life. (Sidenote: I read an interview recently on Peter Thomas. That man is a real tough, masculine man. Very few women can handle a personality like his.)

Phaedra Parks
Phaedra went back to work and cried, because she was missing her son before she could even leave his sight.  She also showed off her after pregnancy figure. More than anything, Phaedra showcased the love that she has for her new family.

Kandi didn't have a big part in this episode. What she did do is explain to Kim that "The Ring Didn't Mean A Thing" is not Kim's song and Kim does not have the rights to the song.

Kim spent the entire episode avoiding NeNe. Their friendship was over with no forms of repair. Kim also bragged about getting her boobs done a second time and attacked NeNe's boob job.

NeNe spent some of the episode avoiding  Kim, but Kim was not always on her mind. NeNe showed her motherly side on television and ended her marriage at the same time. Then she went to Cynthia's wedding and smiled genuinely for the first time during the season. (Sidenote: Months before this season even hit the air there were rumors going around about NeNe's marriage. It's sad how we forget that these people aren't actors. They are real people revealing their real problems on network television.)

Sheree showcased her acting skills, which seemed to suck. However, she got the part she auditioned for. I think she only got it because her face is recognizable. By the end of the show Sheree seemed happy.

The season may be over, but the reunion show is coming up. Expect to see NeNe and Kim argue some more. Also expect friendly moments between the rest of the cast.

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