Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's Goes My Baby (2011 Poem)

I love listening to songs and every now and then I rewrite a song to fit my lifestyle. This is my version of the first verse of Usher's song "There Goes My Baby." I would make a video singing it, but I can't sing so enjoy reading the words. 

                                   There Goes My Baby
                                  The Miss Too Sexy Version

There Goes My Baby 
You don’t know how good it feels to call you my man
Bet you didn’t know I be checkin you out
Watching you with your white tee,
 Sagging jeans, 
 And getting your pimp walk on
I love the way that you be hittin’ the gym
Giving me something to look at
I swear you’re so perfect baby
With your thuggish ways
I’ve been waiting for a while to feel your arms around my waist
And kiss you babe
Wouldn’t trade this feeling for nothing
Not even for a minute
And I’ll stand here as long as it takes to get your attention
But as soon as you look over my way 
You’re gonna hear me say
There goes my baby 

Now that you've read it play the song. It makes you believe in love again. 

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