Monday, January 24, 2011

Steve Harvey's Ex Wife Needs To Shut Up

Over the weekend Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey's ex wife of 15 years, released a series of youtube videos revealing all the dirty stuff Steve did during their marriage. She mentioned all of the other women, reading a letter where one of the mistresses talked about the pain he caused and the abortion she went through, and she even dragged Steve's current wife into the messiness. Mary said Steve's current wife was one of the other women and was so comfortable with her role that she would call up to the house and ask for Steve. 

Clearly, his ex wife went through a lot during their marriage. Clearly she must have loved him for it to last 15 years. However, the woman needs to shut up. She needs to stop complaining and go find her a better man, but more importantly she needs to stop complaining because it makes her look bad.

Steve Harvey isn't the perfect man. That's one reason why his gospel comedy series on BET has been called "God Ain't Through With Me Yet." God is continually working on Steve. That's why he told us that he hasn't always been a good man. He may not have told us all the dirty details, but he let us know. In fact when he was promoting his first book "Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man" he let us know that he'd come up with the chapters through experiences.

So therefore we knew Steve Harvey wasn't perfect. We knew he'd made mistakes (even if we didn't know what they were). If we knew all of that we shouldn't let what Mary Harvey is saying  influence our thinking. Instead we should be telling her to shut up and move on. 

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