Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't Deprive Me (Poem)

Don't Deprive Me
By Miss Too Sexy

Don't deprive me
Don't mess with my mind
Don't play games with my heart
Because you could be the man I've always fantasized about
Or you could be the one that corrupts my thoughts
See, I've been dreaming about you for a while
You had my child fantasies going wild
You were the Ken to my Barbie
The prince when I pretended to be Cinderella
The one that promised to kiss me out of  my dreams
When all the other kids hung together you were my imaginary friend
In my imagination I always knew we would be in sync
So if you can't live up to a fantasy let me know now
Because I don't know if I can handle it later
Please don't play games with my heart
And don't lead my mind on
Don't deprive me
Just leave me with the feeling that love will one day come.

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