Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy's In Need (Short Story)

Mommy’s In Need
By Miss Too Sexy aka Lashuntrice
The following fiction story was inspired by a post a blogger wrote a few days ago.

“Mommy,” the little boy cried. He was standing in the middle of the living room with only a diaper on. He held onto the coffee table tightly, which was placed in front of the sofa, because he could barely walk. His face was wet with tears and snot dripping from his nose. “Mommy,” he called out yearning for attention.
“What?” I said knowing he couldn’t form a complete sentence to ask for what he wanted. He let go of the table to reach out to me, but fell in the process. He cried harder and I knew that I would eventually have to pick him up. But it wasn’t going to happen in the outfit I had on. “Hold on,” I said while running to the room. It wasn’t like he could go anywhere anyway.
I grabbed at the zipper to the tight red dress I had on so I could take it off. As I stared in the mirror I admired myself. My hair was on point, my nails were done to perfection, and my skin was glowing. As the dress fell to the floor I admired my figure. My breasts screamed to be let out of the nice new bra I had on and my thong panties were just cheap enough to be ripped off easily. I found a shirt in one of my dresser drawers and threw it on.
When I walked back into the living room he was still laying on the floor, but he’d stopped crying. I picked him up anyway and stared at him. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” I cleaned his face up and changed his diaper. Then I found a shirt and some pants to throw on him.
“Let me get you something to eat.” I went into the kitchen still carrying him. When I looked into the pantry I couldn’t find any food. Then I looked in the refrigerator. There was some Kool-Aid. “Do you want something to drink? That’s the best I can do.” I filled a bottle up, took him back into the living room, sat him on the couch, and handed him the bottle just in time to hear a knock on the door.
Before answering I looked around the room. It was a mess. There was dirty laundry thrown in one corner of the living room, some plates that needed to be washed sat up on the coffee table, and toys that my parents continued to buy were everywhere. It was too late to clean up, so the next step was to answer the door.
“Who is it?” I asked, even though I already knew who was coming over.
“It’s me,” he said. My heart melted a little at the sound of the man’s voice that stood on the other side of the door. His name was Trey. Well I didn’t think that was his real name, but online he said to call him Trey. We’d been talking online for a week and I was anticipating meeting him in person. I stared around at my place one more time and then opened the door.
“Hey,” I said. “I’ve been waiting for you.” He stared me down. I’d forgotten that I had on an oversized shirt, so I was hoping he wasn’t judging me for it. Then he started looking around. I watched as his eyes landed on my son. “Don’t worry about him. He won’t bother us.”
“Okay.” Just as Trey responded my son started crying again. I didn’t want to seem like a bad mother, so I ran over to see what was wrong with him. His bottle was empty.
“I’ll be right back,” I told Trey. I quickly filled the bottle up with more Kool-Aid, then ran back, handed the bottle to my son, and then focused all my attention on Trey.
“Are you ready for a night of passion?” I grabbed Trey’s hand and guided him toward the bedroom.
“Are you just going to leave your kid by himself?” he asked.
“That would be wrong,” I responded cracking a smile. “That’s the door to the bedroom. I’ll be right back.” I watched as he walked into the bedroom. Then I picked my son up and started talking to him.
            “All I’m trying to do is have some fun tonight. I’m tired of being around only you all the time. Plus mommy’s in need. If I take you in the room will you promise to be good?” I paused even though I knew he wouldn’t give an answer. “Be good, okay.”
            I walked into the room with my son in my arms. I just hoped Trey wouldn’t find it weird. I sat him in his crib. “Be good,” I whispered.
            “So are you ready?” I said to Trey in a sexy voice. He laughed a little and I wasn’t sure why. “I’m sorry about the kid. He had nowhere else to go.”
            “It’s cool,” he said, but the look on his face said it wasn’t cool. I had to do something to change his mood, so I took the shirt off. His expression changed. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good night after all.

To Be Continued


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  1. Wow that is a mess. A good poem and most likely was enacted by someone just last night.