Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 BET Awards Best Performances And Skits

It's been years since I went to a family reunion. The last time I can remember being at one I might have been 18. While at the family reunion I saw my loved ones that always spoiled me, the bad ones who were in and out of prison, drunk family members who didn't care what was coming out of their mouths, and people I never knew was related to me. The experience was very surreal. It was like watching an unscripted movie form into something everyone couldn't help but appreciate. While I haven't experienced that feeling in a while with family, every year I get that same experience from the BET Awards.

Yesterday (6/26/2011) the 2011 BET Awards premiered. It had many moments that helped it feel like a big family reunion. Some of these amazing stars included Kevin Hart (the host), Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland and Patti LaBelle. Check out why these stars and many more made the 2011 BET awards feel like a family reunion.

Kevin Hart was the host of the 2011 BET awards and he made sure to keep the audience's attention. Hart did everything from make people laugh with jokes to make people laugh with his acting skills. My favorite moment of the show was during one of the "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" skits.

During the skit Hart wore a shirt that read "I'm A Factor Bitch." The shirt and skit was meant to make fun of Basketball Wives. The shirt made fun of Evelyn's shirts that says "You're A Non-Mothafuckin Factor." However, that wasn't the only joke toward her. The also made fun of Evelyn's drink throwing skills by tossing buckets of water on Kevin Hart. It was hilarious.

Another family reunion special was the opening of the show, which featured Mary J. Blige. During the opening Mary J. Blige performed several classics, sang with Anita Baker, Jadakiss, and a few others. She was excellent.

While Mary J. Blige was a pleasant surprise, many people were ready for Kelly Rowland. Kelly performed her hit song "Motivation" and ended by getting close to Trey Songz. She's so lucky. She sang great, had a bunch of men dancing hard around her, and sang a little with Trey Songz. It was a hot performance.
Steve Harvey, Wife, And Patti LaBelle At 2011 BET Awards
Via Steve Harvey's Twitter

Every family reunion has someone who gets more attention than anyone else and last night was no different. Patti LaBelle received the Lifetime Achievement award. She was serenaded by Ceelo, Marsha Ambrosious, and Shirley Caesar. While all of their voices sounded great, Ceelo's performance was hilarious. In fact in the end he cursed at someone in the audience. Once the serenading was over, Patti LaBelle got on the stage and showed the world the power her voice still has. It was absolutely beautiful.

While many moments in the show can be seen as crazy, the moment that shocked everyone was Beyonce's performance. For many of us that has been following Queen B (or King B as one of her song covers say), it was obvious Beyoonce was not in the country. However, we still anticipated something big via sattelite. Instead of something big we received this.

It's a video of Beyonce at Glastonbury in England and it was released hours before the BET awards even started. The reactions of people on twitter was classic.

                                                          To Be Continued

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