Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Fathers Day Special

Father's Day Special 
(Why We Should Expect Dads To Be The Way They Are)

For the last couple of days I've been thinking about daddy issues. Bet you didn't think I'd start off a Father's day post this way. The daddy issues thought came up after watching the last two shows of Braxton Family Values. It was laced with daddy issues. These issues didn't even come up when they were children either. The issues sprung up once they were adults and found out their dad was a cheater. These unresolved issues didn't just affect their attitude toward their dad. It changed their perception of men (well all except Tracey). While they are still struggling, truth is at some point everyone has daddy issues, but at some point, some people get over them. They forgive, forget, and move on. 

When Mother's Day comes around we heavily worship our mothers. There's so much to say and so many things to buy. However, Father's Day is a struggle. The gifts don't jump out at us and call our names, some dads are the best dads ever so they deserve it all, some dads aren't in our lives, and some are inactive but still expect respect on this special holiday. Overall, different dads can be happy, mad, silent, and absent. It's a fact of life and we still have to respect them. There's a logic behind this:

  • Happy Dads

Some dads are happy dads and we expect that from them. Why do we expect it? God created man in his image. God is good, so when we look at our fathers we expect perfection. 

  • Mad Dads

I know you're saying "Why would this girl anticipate a mad dad?" It's simple. God was angry father at one point. Remember he kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden after they sinned. We all mess up, so it's only natural that our fathers would be mad when we do. 

Now some dads get a little too mad, but that's expected also. And again you're wondering why? While we shouldn't expect anger or murder, we have to remember that God has an angry streak. Remember Noah's Ark? That was premeditated murder.

  • Silent Dads

Some dads are silent and some choose to be silent at certain times in your life. For instance, the Braxton family was grown when their parents divorced, but they felt their father abandoned them afterwards. I think their father thought they were grown and didn't need him for their every guidance anymore. Well, some dads feel like they don't need to speak on their child's every move. They'd rather that child learn on their own. 

I also think our oldest father, God, does this at times do. You ever wondered where God was when you needed him? Sometimes I think he's in Heaven with a bag of popcorn watching you because he needs some entertainment and trusts you can get back on track without him stepping in. 

  • Absent Dads

Some dads are absolutely absent from your life. Either they know you and you have their last name or you have no idea who they are. These types of dads should be expected also. You ever saw children expressing the joy of having a dad in their life, but yours was nowhere around? Even for the step children, you ever felt odd because of the last names that didn't match up? Again, sometimes we all feel like God is just not there. We see others talking about how he blesses them, but it feels as if he's missing from our life. At times I feel like God does go absent. He could be busy with someone else, eating his popcorn and enjoying someone else's craziness, or have forgotten about us (the man has a lot of children). 

God created man in his image, which means God must have a million different personalities. So whether your father is the best in the world, angry at times, never gives you any advice, or has never been there show him some love anyway. 

Happy Father's Day To All The Fathers In The World

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