Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoe Activities: How Do You Go About Asking The Question?

(From The Mind Of A Sexual Intellectual Amateur)

Some people say I have nigga tendencies. You know lack of emotions, lack of doing touchy-feely things, way too laid back, and watch too much sports. Okay, I lied about the last one, but you get my point. They think I'm not girly enough. However, inside my head I'm the girliest girl you could ever meet. I'm so girly that I struggle with figuring out the right outfits to wear around men I like, coming up with the right words to say to them, and figuring out how to comfortably doing the touchy-feely things with them. My girliness is what makes it look like I have nigga tendencies. Damnit, I think so much that it starts to look like I'm not thinking at all. The biggest problem that I think about most is something that all of us single (and something people in relationships) struggle with, hormones. Earlier today those hormones made me ask myself a serious question, "How Do You Go About Asking The Question?"

The question specifically being referenced is where a woman lets go of all morals (according to society) and asks for sex. Screams, yes I said it. My conscience and I had a long discussion about this earlier. I know I'm not the only person out there that gets into random conversations with myself inside my head of course. I don't say these things out loud for fear I'll look crazy. Anyway, my conscience and I have been having these back and forth thoughts about sex for a couple of days, but it got really crazy today. 

The said "Have sex as soon as possible"

I was absolutely ready to obey them until I remembered I'm single. Sometimes the word SINGLE sucks. Anyway I remembered I was single, but I was slightly prepared to do what I call one of those Hoe Activities. That is calling a man and asking for it. 

Now I guess I do have a "friend" and I did proceed to text him. Well, sex was never mentioned in the text because I was trying to stir up friendly conversation. His response was so friendly that it deterred me from asking. For real, I chickened out. I really couldn't bring myself to ask and even worse I couldn't think of a good way to ask. 

When asking do you just say "I'm horny" or is it more like "Let's have sex?" Okay, "let's have sex" isn't even a question. It's a command, but would a command work better? It would work for me, but if he doesn't like women dishing out commands it would spark an even bigger issue. Hoe activities, especially this one, are so hard to do. 

Then again, does a question even need to be asked? There was this one time at a friend's party where I ended up in my friend's bedroom giving a guy a lap dance. Things may (huge may) have gone further, but someone walked in on us and then there were too many eyes staring at me. However, the point is the guy didn't ask for the lap dance. He actually interrupted my private time with myself (at a huge party I might add). His interrupting me just led me to jump on him. It was definitely weird out-of-my-norm hoe activities, but it worked at the time. 

So, is that how the question really works? There's no question at all. We just meet up and it happens, maybe. Have you ever pondered this or am I just over thinking again?

P.S. If you read all of this thank you very much. Now don't ever say you never heard or read any "thank you's" from me. Also, I think I'm going to write a book or maybe an extra long blog post about all the hoe activities. I'll be like Karrine Steffans, except without all the experience. 

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