Monday, June 13, 2011

Destined To Be Alone (2011 Poem)

This poem is based off of my love life. *Blushes* Don't judge me. I'm only human. Now read.

Destined To Be Alone
By Lashuntrice

Destined to be alone, destined to know that the moment he walks into my life is the moment he’ll be gone.

Realizing the moment we grab hold of each other’s clothes, taking them off, admiring each other’s beautiful brown skin, letting him leave hickey’s on places other than my neck… as his hands glide softly between my legs… before the party even starts he wants me to play with his head… 

The moment I comprehend his words “Let’s play house” is the moment I realize I’m at a lost….lost by the sweet kisses and nice tongue dancing that combines our mouths… lost by the fact that it feels good to have his dick sliding in and out down south, going slow, speeding up, creating a steady pace as our bodies become one, getting in sync to the rhythm, realizing his goal is to beat the pussy up, take all the energy out of both of us, dehydrated, drained of all emotions except happiness….

Realizing I’m lost cause I don’t even know where we just did it at. Was it the couch, the floor, or the bed? It’s too dark to tell. But by the time light shines it won’t matter. One of us will be gone. He’ll head back to his house or I’ll pretend to have a home, pretend to have a life, pretend to like the pattern that gave us such a good night...

But until one of us changes our pattern, our way, stop being so afraid… we’re destined to be alone. 

P.S. Someone told me I wouldn't be me if my writing had no hints of sex in it.

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  1. whoever told u that ps lied. u write things that arent sex related.
    i like the last line, its relatable