Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are Men Becoming The New Gold Diggers?

You must admit a man like Kanye West will suck the life out of you. 
According to Urban Dictionary the definition of a gold digger is any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits and  a woman who cares more about a man's bank account than that man. I'm not exactly sure when the word gold digger was invented, but I'm about to make something up.

Gold digger came into existence around the same time women discovered they could work for a living and pay their own bills. When women discovered this big accomplishment they also found out they could raise their standards of what to expect in relationships. Since the black woman was no longer raising the white woman's kids, she didn't want the black man who was picking cotton for money. The black woman was also no longer working as a maid, so she didn't want a man who worked as a cab driver. Since the black woman could finally write out the lyrics to a new song she'd started singing or a new book she wanted to write, she wanted a man who could write and make more money than her. These women were used to men being the head of the household, so they wanted to keep things that way. However, some man didn't like the new morals these women had gained and started calling them gold diggers.

See, unfortunately Urban Diction failed to realize something things. Gold digging is not just about using a person for their money. It's not slavery times, Jim Crow laws, or even at a  point where women are just getting freedom. The definition of gold digging has changed. It's now about taking a person's money, controlling their actions, letting them take care of and love you, and not giving a damn about their feelings in the end. Well, you won't feel bad until they cut you off or they find other ways to gain some type of power. This new definition does't just apply to women either. Men are starting to become the biggest gold diggers, or at least it seems that way.

I originally came to this conclusion when I was watching the show Single Ladies a few days ago. If you didn't know Single Ladies is a show about four single women looking for love in Atlanta. Well, in the beginning one of the women was married, but she decided to cheat on her husband with the mayor. Now she's going through a nasty divorce. It's so nasty her husband has decided to turn into a gold digger and hit her where she'd hurt most. Her Bank Account.

In the second to last episode her husband showed up at her birthday party to let her know he was divorcing her and taking half of her trust fund, which was given to her by her grandmother. In Monday's episode her reiterated his threat to take half of her money. However, this man is not just money hungry. While they were in therapy, she also let him know she felt smothered in their relationship. This man felt she had no career, told her how to dress, how much money to spend, and who to hang out with. He controlled her fucking life. (FAINTS at the thought). He basically dug himself so deep into her that she lost all sense what the relationship was about in the first place. He was the gold digger because he was manipulative.

Okay, that's a show. I'm going to deep into detail about it and feeling a little emotional just thinking about that craziness. While it's just a show, there are some real life example of male gold diggers that make my head spin even more. Some of these men have been in the news or on popular blog sites lately. One is listed below.

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is the baby daddy of Laura Govan, the woman who Shaquille O'Neal supposedly cheated on Shaunie with. While Gilbert and Laura are no longer together, they both have to make money. See, Gilbert is rich because he's been in the NBA. However, he abandoned Laura with four children to raise by herself. He makes money, but how is she supposed to? In a recent press release, Laura Govan revealed that she would be joining the cast of Basketball Wives LA edition television show. As successful as Basketball Wives has been it would bring in some money for her and give her a little fame. However, Gilbert recently filed a lawsuit to shut the show down.

For some reason Gilbert feels Laura is using his name as exploitation. However, I think he's just being a gold digger. How the hell are you going to stay with a woman for nine years, cut her off completely while she's pregnant with your fourth child and no money, and then try to stop her money making ventures? No for real. Someone let me know if that makes sense.

Men are quick to open their mouths and call women gold diggers just because women don't want to mess with broke niggas. However, I think men can be the biggest, most selfish, arrogant gold diggers. They are actually better at gold digging because they know just how many emotional games they can play with women.

Do you feel me on this? Do you believe men are capable of gold digging or do you think I'm crazy for writing this? 

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