Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Relationship Issues From A Single Woman's Point Of View

(Coming From A (24-Yr-Old) Single Woman)

This week was a long week. For the first time in my life I worked a full 40 hours doing something that didn't involve writing. It was definitely something to drink to Friday night. That same night was a friend's birthday so we went to this club downtown. While there I got numbers from two different men. However, after the club I was curious about a different man. My curiosity led me to call this guy up. 

In a previous post I talked about calling a guy, getting no answer, and leaving a message about how he missed out on an opportunity. Well, the message didn't get left, but he text me a couple minutes later. Stick with me cause this is going somewhere. 

Once he replied back I was almost home and just wanted to eat my breakfast and go to sleep. Yes, I enjoy breakfast before bed. He asked me what I was up to and I told him I'd gotten home from the club. He then asked why I called cause that's booty call hours. I thought he was dumb for saying that, but then let him know that was my intention for calling. His response to it was it couldn't happen because he didn't have protection. Pause... 

The next day (Saturday) the other two men text me throughout the day. It was shocking since I did meet them in a loud, crowded club that played hood music the entire time. Have you ever tried dancing to only hood music for two hours? While both men made a good impression, the club thing still has me thinking "WOW." Who from the club sends you a good morning text the very next morning? Oh wait, those guys. 

So, there were definitely a few things I learned. Yes, even at 24 when you're single you can still learn some stuff about men. My education went a little like this....

  • No Matter Where You Are Real Men Want To Impress You

At the club dude was talking about what does he have to do to prove himself to me. (Give me space duhh. He just met me)

  • Men Don't Have To Know You To Be Comfortable With You
Only men with intentions send texts the next day saying "Good Morning." That's not a "I just met you" message. That's an "I just met you and I'm trying to impress you because I think you're cool" message. 

  • Men Move Fast Off Of Physical Appearance Alone
Dude wanted to know if I had a man or was talking to anyone before he asked for my number. He was so serious. Why so serious in the club? 

  • Men Will Turn Down Offers Of Sex
It's crazy cause I thought that only existed with virgins and in the bible, but if a man is broke he will turn down sex. Wait, that really happened. 

These next two are more questions than reflections. 

  • Should A Woman Be Brave Enough To Buy Condoms
This was discussed in one of my final classes in my last semester of college. The educator said women should know how to buy condoms, the right size to get, and how to put them on. However, I don't know any woman who has gone out and bought condoms. All my friends depend on the men. But should men expect that type of knowledge from us? 
(The singer Will. I. Am says he doesn't respect a woman that keeps condoms available.)

  • Should A Woman Mess With A Guy That Is Financially Under
I don't know why but financially under sounds better than broke. One of the dudes from the club said he's a manager at the movies. Ouch, is climbing the success ladder at the movies considered a career goal? Also, if you were somewhat involved (but not seriously involved) with a guy and he lost his job and became a broke nigga, would you still call him up? Would you wait until he got back financially stable? Would you move on? Or am I thinking too much? 

If you're reading this don't judge me. You've definitely thought about some of this stuff before. If you haven't, you are now. 

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