Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 8 K'LA I'm Off It

Honestly K'LA's whole mixtape "The Coldest Winter Ever" speaks to me. Well, the having a kid part doesn't, but you get what I mean. Her songs may just be my life story (or my future life story). That's why I chose "I'm Off It" as my song of the day.

"I can multi-task my ass off, but I can't  manage you"

"I'm Off It" is about relationship drama that she's just tired of. More spefically it's about a woman who realizes it's pointless to continue the pattern. I can relate to this song, because I've grown to realize I can't change a man. Oh, and I don't like waiting for a man either. Listen to "I'm Off It" below.

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