Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pet Peeve: When People Purposely Ignore You

Earlier I read this blog post on growing up and being completely unprepared. I'm dying to point out how great it was and how much I think the author of the post read my mind, but it has to wait until tomorrow. I have something more important to discuss. This other topic is way more important because it happens way too often. It happens so often I want to scream, but I'm not. Instead I'll  just explain my frustration with it. 

This furious act that you may be anxiously wondering about is the art of ignoring. Well, I have a better phrase for it. It's when people don't flat out listen to you and the other day it happened to me. Someone purposely ignored me and then wanted me to repeat myself all over again. Ughhhhhh.....

See, it wasn't even the ignoring part that made me mad at first. It was the fact that this person took their time to find my name in their phone and then call me. Then they took the time to ask me how I was and acted like they wanted to hear my latest crazy news. I was hesitant to talk at first, but they kept pushing me to say it. Then in the middle of my story (which wasn't long) they cut me off and told me they'd call me back. Grrrrr....

Now why would you call someone just to tell them you couldn't talk? If you are waiting on another phone call, don't call the person. Okay, now back to the getting ignored part. 

They called me back approximately an hour later and wanted me to tell the whole story again. I politely told them I didn't feel like saying it over and didn't know where I had stopped. However, they didn't care about where I stopped because they had too many other things on their mind to listen to any of it the first time. Yeah, they were blunt, but I brushed it off and told them I'd talk to them later. I also informed them not to call me again during the night because I'd be watching the BET Awards. 

Surprise! Surprise! They called me in the middle of the awards show. Immediately after I answered I told them I would call them back and I stuck to my word. By now my closest friends know who I'm referring to. 

Anyway, I called them back and they asked me about the story again. Well, they went further than that. They asked me about the story, the BET awards (which they really didn't want me to talk about since they didn't watch), and they asked me to tell them about the movie Bad Teacher (which they really didn't want me to talk about since they hadn't seen it). 
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The frustrating part of this is I had already said the Bad Teacher was good, already said I wasn't repeating the story, and thought it was downright stupid to ask questions you don't want to know about. It's a backwards way of saying "Fuck Your Opinions." To top it off they said I should be mad, because they admitted they weren't paying attention the first time. Now How The Hell? But wait, they said more.

They asked me if I would be mad if I purposely ignored someone and then they refused to repeat themselves. What The Hell? That question didn't even deserve and answer. 

The point is start paying attention to people when they are talking to you. However, if you happen to ignore a person purposely don't expect them to continue wasting their breathe telling you the same thing over and over again. 

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