Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogging While Brown (Makes Me Feel Like A Kid On A Playground)

Remember when you were a kid and you found something you were interested in. It could have been the swing set. Actually I think the swing set was the most mesmerizing toy on the playground. You could get on it and swing back and forth for hours. While swinging there were no bad thoughts. Just the feel of the air caressing your body and the sight of your feet flying high above the ground. When you're a kid there's something amazing about creating your own wind and not being able to touch the ground right away. On the other hand you could have been a real nerd like me and got real excited when you read a new book. I was addicted to Sharon G. Flake books for a minute (well until I read them all). That wonderful feeling is what I had when I saw the "Blogging While Brown" conference.
Now I've been blogging for two years, seriously started posting a lot a year ago, and finally came up with the best URL for my blog a month ago. However, it hasn't been until recently that I've discovered all the possibilities having a blog can provide. Some of these possibilities are giving you a job title that no corporation will provide right away, giving you a voice when you feel as if no one is listening, and providing you with the freedom to be yourself. The biggest possibility of them all is networking. 

Networking is the hardest job any young person has to do. It becomes even harder when you're surrounded by a bunch of people who don't have the same interests as you (my problem). However, blogging has opened me up to a huge world of networking that I never in a million years dreamed of. It's led me to socialize with a countless amount of writers on Facebook, twitter, and drive a tiny bit of traffic to this website. It's also helped me to learn more about the business of writing/journalism, study others who have made it, and find out that this is more than just a hobby. It's a way of life, which "Blogging While Brown" brings to light.

"Blogging While Brown" is a summit for (mostly) African American media professionals and wanna-be's like me who want to network with like minded people, get tips on bettering writing skills, and want to have good time. See me going to something like that would be like a kid going into a candy store. 

However, I'm still a broke college graduate (even after a whole year) just saving up the little bit of change I'm making and trying to figure out the next move. Seems as if I've never been in the right spots to go to the right events. If you're anywhere near July when the "Blogging While Brown" conference happens go for me and throw my name around. I'm sure it'll be better than trying to network through a computer screen. 

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