Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reasons That Keeps A Single Woman (Like Me) From Getting A Man

I was going to get all serious and talk about goals, growing up, and feeling like nothing you do is an achievement. However, I changed my mind. Every other day I see an article giving single women advice on why they can't get a man and some articles on why single men can't get with good women. These articles are always sad and lean on trying to make people feel guilty for being the way they are. Well, as a single woman I say fuck all the depressing reasons why we (really me) are still single. There are plenty good reasons why women like me should be single at this moment. Of course I'm going to break down a few to you.

Reasons That Keep A Single Woman (Like Me) From Getting A Man

  • Emotions
Women are emotional creatures by nature. We cry at the craziest parts of movies, cry when we see cute little kids and we have none, cry over horrible men, cry over good men, cry over God, and cry over everything else. We find reasons to feel all types of emotions. Well, recent studies have shown that men are just as emotional as women. I actually met a man two years ago who started crying because his male friend was using a woman that he also knew just for sex. His emotions confused the hell out of me. 

See women and men can be emotional, but if a single women is going to emotion overload there's absolutely no way she's going to want to have a man on emotional overload to deal with. Too many emotions kill romance. It's been proven. 

  • Goals
Recently I learned that successful women don't intimidate men. However, women who are trying to climb the ladder of success intimidate the hell out of men. The reason is men want just as much attention as women. However, a young woman trying to get to success, living in her parent's house still, and trying to prove to others she can make it doesn't want to spent her every free moment with some man. She needs time to herself. If that man wants her every free moment to be with him the issues start. Therefore goals kill romance and goals tend to be more important than romance at certain times in a woman's life. 

  • Being Horny
Being horny is probably the deadliest killer of relationships for single women. The reason is because young single women are trying to block out all crazy emotions (whether come from living at home with parents, having siblings get on their nerves, or watching some stupid movie that mirrors their life), climb the ladder of success, get alone time, and still be able to act upon hormones. The problem is men would rather play predator. When women play predator, men seem to be turned off easier. It's been proven.

Examples are the sideline chick, the shone (friendly way of saying hoe), the friend with benefits, the cuddle buddy, and the video vixen. Video vixens are possibly the only women successful at getting their hormones fulfilled. 

Sooner or later the cuddle buddy gets tired of cuddling, the friend with benefits cuts the benefits off, and the sideline chick gets left at the sideline. Either that or the woman is just not successful at being any of them because the man was actually looking for a committed relationship.

  • Attitude 

This is totally different than emotions. Attitude determines how a woman feels about relationships. If a single woman says "I don't need a man"  or " I don't want a man" more than likely she doesn't and it will show. Then men will not try to get with that woman and the world might be a happier place.

Hmn.... maybe I should have called this "reasons why single women choose to stay single." Oh well, you get my point. Shout out to all the single women because it's not an easy way of life.

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