Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black Music Month: 30 Day Music Challenge

While every month is special June is an extra special month for black people. It's the start of summer, Juneteenth, and Black Music Month. While we need absolutely not excuse to listen to music, it's great to know that the music black people have contributed is appreciated.

In honor of Black Music Month I've decided to do the 30 day music challenge. Each day for the next 30 days I'll post up new song that I love, an old song that I love, or something that just has special meaning. This challenge will be able to give you a better look into the music I listen to and possibly my personality (if you don't know already).While more song posts might come up today, a special song that crossed my mind recently was something a few years old.

Plies- Please Excuse My Hands
Listen to the song and then scroll down to see the reason why this song crossed my mind.

So I was with this guy a few nights ago and he started talking about my breasts. I've learned lately that they are a great asset on me. Yeah, I didn't realize so many men noticed them. Anyway, he was feeling on them as he was talking about them. This is probably too much information, but oh well. He asked me if it made me uncomfortable, but then said he didn't want to stop touching. Plies song "Please Excuse My Hands" immediately crossed my mind because he talks about how his hands just love to touch.... everything.

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