Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Year Old Girl Arrested For Rape, What? #31WriteNow

In my hometown of Houston, Texas a 10 year old girl has been charged with raping a 4 year old boy. I'm confused. How did this happen? What exactly did she do to him?
Reports say the incident happened in April on the courtyard of the apartment complex. Surely she couldn't have known what she was doing. In fact when someone saw whatever was about to happen, why didn't they step in? Once charged she was taken to a juvenile justice center and held four days before Quanell X stepped in. I'm mad. If this little girl loses this case, she'll become a sex offender. That means before she gets to even experience grown-up life, she's already labeled a criminal. What. The. Hell?

I'm more hurt for this ten year old than the four year old. They were probably just playing around. The mother of the four year old probably asked him what he'd been up to during the day. I'm sure she wasn't in the courtyard at this time of this supposed crime. The four year old revealed what he had done and she was mad her child was playing with a ten year old girl. She should have been watching him in the first place. She made up her mind that a ten year old committed a serious crime against her son and decided to go to authorities with it. That's usually how it works. The authorities decided the ten year old girl was in the wrong. Maybe she is, but she's still a child. If anyone should be charged for what they think she did, it should be her mom.

What are parents exposing their children to these days? What are they teaching them? Well, actually it's not about what the child is exposed to. It's what the parent teaches them. If that little girl saw something inappropriate and decided to act it out, it was up to an adult to let her know beforehand that was not okay for a child to do.

This little girl didn't kill anyone. She didn't harm anyone in any way. Everyone involved is still alive and unbruised. She does know right from wrong. If she did something sexual to traumatize that four year old, maybe their should be consequences. However, those consequences should fall on the people who understand. Think about it. She is ten years old. She has the rest of her life ahead of her. However, because of one act outside in public with another child she could be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life. How will she explain at thirty years of age that the label was put on her at ten?

P.S. Did you act out in a sexual nature as a child? I will admit that once I hit the preteens my hormones were curious, but I wanted to be curious with others the same age as me. Do kids not play with other kids the same age as them anymore? GAWD, what is really going on?

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