Wednesday, August 14, 2013

11 Reasons Why #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen #31WriteNow

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to black power all the power is handed over to the black man? At least in public black men are heavily supported for every cause there is. On the other hand, black women are often ignored when we really need to be paid attention to the most.

Someone women can handle being pushed to the background. However, not every black woman can do it. That's why there is a new hashtag on twitter dedicated to black women saying why #blackpowerisforblackmen. One tweet was mentioned above. Below are 10 more.

Do you have anything to add? Do you feel like black power is really for black men? Even though the media supports black men over black women, as I look around I see more black women prospering.


  1. Read your forums sistas, read your blogs, the lack of value, consideration, disclaimers, protection, care, worth of black women and girls are right in your face. I hate hearing people say "We do care about black women only the good one's" in other words meaning our life isn't as valuable as the black male's because we see him as defenseless in the big bad white man's world so all black men must be protected. No one tells black men "Yeah we care about black men, only the good one's". No we go all out for all black men, from the professional Obama types, to thuggish rapper types". Every time a black male is ridiculed we believe he's being treated like he's not human.

    Every time a black woman is ridiculed people believe she deserves it, and it's her fault for not following the rules precisely of being black and female. Black women's struggles are unique because we do represent two heavily ostracized groups, so people believe the smaller our margin for error is. Even other black women play into this.

    How are black women alienated when we're supposedly out pacing our male counterparts? Don't think taking a backseat to black men will garner us protection either, the sole focus is on black men good or bad.

    Black power is for black men because I read and hear daily both black men and women saying "Black women don't have it bad as black men, white men are threatened by black men" as if racism only equals black vs. white men. Black women have to deal with racism from white men, and racism from mainstream white feminists!!! We have no one in our corner, not even other black women!!!

    I can't go any predominantly black forum without black women degrading and demeaning certain types of black women. But these same sistas will wet their pants over rappers, and stereotypical black men. That's gender protection disrepancy I'm talking about, it pathetic.

    We tell black women we aren't worth protecting if we don't obey and be on our best behavior, because somehow we're still the representation of the black community without being the representation of the black community.

    Black people feel like black women are the only source of control over something black men have, so we do everything in our power to extend that "possession" to them. Whether it's through misogyny, sexism, and black male patriarchy, we feel like whatever dominating power black males can have to their name will help them combat white supremacy, even if it DESTROYS BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS.

    Black manhood is protected by both black men and black women which is why it's blasphemy to criticize black men without it being labeled "too much of a burden", "racist", "generalizing" or "prejudice". Nobody protects black womanhood, not even other black women. Which is why it's perfectly fine to ridicule, divide, shame and bash black women.

  2. Kanye West can get on television and rant about white men and racism "ONLY" when it pertains to the freedoms and rights of black men, and the black community cheer him on. A black woman married to a white man solely focused on the injustices of black women and black female progression will be labeled a sell out, her views and points would be seen as irrelevant because who she's married to and she's not "INVOLVING" black men within her concerns.

    Black male entertainers and artist, or average everyday black men can have rap songs, articles and things that demean black women, and can be married to white or non-black women and speak on injustices towards black men and people cheer them on. Doesn't matter if the injustices come from within the community or from society black people cheer them on. Doesn't matter if the message is coming from a rapper, a thug on the street, or a wall street worker black people will not deny him his right to rant.

    Black women can't talk about colorism a form of racism within her own community without being silenced because somehow talking about being mistreated by black men regarding colorism is somehow harmful to black men's image. Black women can't talk about being mistreated within her own community or by society without being told to get over by black men and other black women because "They didn't go through it" so in their minds it makes it null and void.

    Black women can't rant about the double standards and alienating of black women within mainstream society and mainstream feminism by white women without being called bitter and angry.

    Black men are allowed to exist in their bodies and the images as is. Black men are never told being a black man is embarrassing, we uplift him and remind him how other races of men want to be him in his authentic element. Black men are told that the farther they are away from acting, looking and being an authentic, hyper-masculine representation of a militant black male (see Robert Griffin III stories) he'll be ridiculed because him in his element is praised.

    Black women can't be a black women. A black woman in her authentic element is seen as embarrassing and step back. Black women are encouraged to act as less like, and look less like a black woman as much as possible, because we're already the odd ball out when it comes to other races of women. Our community feels "Why embarrass us more?" Yes a ma'am, yes a sir" black women believe they'll receive cookies if they prove to other black people how less of black woman they can be. No one tells us see that's why you're so unique and awesome everyone wants to be a black woman. I tell them yes they do but they don't want the black skin, the racism and prejudice to go along with it (Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus).