Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sexting, DoThe Risks Even Matter? #31WriteNow

10 Photos. That was how many I sent. No clothes. That was what he requested. 

Well, he requested three photos. One before sex, one in the zone, and one at climax; but I couldn't stop at just three. I'm a camera addict and a perfectionist. In a world where thick is better, my skinny behind had to make sure I looked extra good. But no make-up. 

I had no make-up on. There was maybe a little bit of lipstick from earlier in the day still lingering on my lips. Other than that it was just my pure silky skin from head to toe. I was nervous before I started. These photos would be the riskiest I've ever taken, especially since he had also requested creativity. How creative could I get? Before my mind got too out of control with thoughts, I started. 

From doing regular poses to capturing to myself touching myself to bringing in a toy, I was on fire. The fear of not knowing what to do went away. The time to send them came. I stared at each photo twice. I wanted to make sure I looked good in my birthday suit. I wanted to make sure I met his standards. Before my mind started to get out of control with how the photos came out, I pressed send. He replied almost instantly. 

Now for the risks. There are risks that go with sending explicit photos. There's the risk of him revealing them to his friends, them being leaked to the public, a ruined career, and a ruined reputation. The risks are overwhelming to a point where it can keep many woman from even participating in the activity of sexting. After all, sexting doesn't just consist of photos. It also involves words and with the invention of screen shots, words are always under scrutiny. 

However, there is a risk in everything. Whether it's stepping outside and risking getting hit by a car or taking a shower and risking falling on all those sharp objects, it's a risk. See, those don't even make sexting look so bad anymore. So while I won't send a photo to every man that asks, I'm comfortable taking that risk. 

Are you comfortable enough with the act of sexting? Do you fear the risks that come along with it? Talk to me. 


  1. I'm guilty of the sexting (pictures) but not the text. I'm so awkward I don't know what to say. I was much younger when I sent pics. I can't say if I will or won't now (mainly because I'm single) but I'm open to it.

  2. Hey, I wrote about this too! I'm with miss Stacy Australia on this one. I've sent pictures before, but am very awkward with the "sexting" part. Like, dude, wtf do you want me to say? Just come over and have sex instead lol.

    1. LOL, I feel you on that. A guy coming over for sex is always better than sexting.