Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Lessons I Learned From Famous People In 2013 #31WriteNow

Have you ever listened to the stories of famous people and compared them to your life?

Yeah, me too. I've been doing this for a while. In fact last year I wrote a blog post titled B I C T H~In That Order, Lessons Learned From Reality Televison just to point out what I was learning. This current post is a follow-up, but about famous people in general. Everything has happened in 2013. ENJOY!

1. Black Woman Pain Is Everywhere
Have you ever been accused of being an angry black woman? You may have just been trying to tell your man what he did wrong. He cheated, didn't he? He didn't eat your food, which really sucks. He tried to friend zone you, but still requested you two have sex. He brought that heaux around his family, but has yet to introduce you. Have have a right to be mad, but the minute the angry black woman title slips out none of it is relevant. This example of shown on the reunion show of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. From Mimi to Joseline to Erica, the pain was real.

There could be other reasons. The milk had expired at Walmart. They were out of eggs and that's all you went there for. You got in trouble at the job. It happens to us all, especially since black women are expected to handle 10 times more than anyone else. The black woman pain is real.

2. Rich Women Problems Aren't Regular Problems
While I'm worried about making sure I can eat and pay the bills, Mayte Garcia and Jessica Conseco of Hollywood Exes are worried about fur. While I'm worried about paying the bills on time every time, Lindsay Lohan is giving interviews saying how at 18 she couldn't handle being worth $7 million. Well damn... While my friends and I are daydreaming about better days, Evelyn Lozada spends the whole season premiere of Basketball Wives discussing how something a year ago effected her. Do rich women not have lives?

3. Free Publicity Is Real If You Have The Right Cash
Jay-Z is worth approximately $500 million. Earlier in the summer to promote the Magna Carta album, Samsung paid him $5 million to give his album to customers for free. Can you get paid for someone else to promote your item or brand? Currently I can't.

4. Rich Women Have Trouble Expressing Themselves Too
I've been watching the first season of R&B Divas LA. While the women have really opened up to each other, they are also supposed to be working on monologues. They only person that has planned hers is Lil Mo. She's a go-getter. Everyone else can't seem to get on the same page with emotions, especially Kelly Price. Come Rich Woman. If I can write a monologue, you can too. However, if I dug deep within myself and wrote it I might have trouble revealing it to others.

Another great example of this is Ashanti. Ashanti makes beautiful music, but never tells us where anything comes from. Woman, we know you have experiences just like the rest of us.

5. Rich People Problems Aren't Regular Problems
Jermaine Dupri, also known as JD, has been in the media for money troubles. These troubles stem from a $5 million loan he took out the bank and could not afford to make payments on after getting halfway there. Wait...can you take out $5million from the bank? I can't.

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