Sunday, August 18, 2013

For The Love of Writing #31WriteNow

I'm a writer.

I spend most nights coming up with blog posts to share with the world. Every once in a while a terrible post gets published, but it doesn't even matter. I don't always write to show how good I am. Sometimes I do it just for the love of the art; just for the expression of myself.

Now I don't always write. Sometimes, no matter where I am, I stare off into nowhere coming up with stories to write about. Those stories are given beginnings, middles, and sometimes endings. Then they end up disappearing. They have to disappear. I can't put them on anything at work. When I am stuffing my face full of food, it's more refreshing than penning that story.

However, when I am writing I feel more alive than ever. Have you ever gone through a day just doing the motions? You never what needed to be done and just acted upon it, but you didn't care one way or another. Yeah, I have those moments but never when I'm coming up with a new idea, writing about something I heard, or just going on a random rant.

I feel alive when I'm doing this. However, it's really hard to explain to someone that doesn't understand the craft. How do you do that? I've been trying to explain the love of this art forever. At times I've given up, but certain comments have made me start again. It's a lost cause, but it doesn't change how passionate I am when I'm in the moment.

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  1. It's hard to explain how much you love writing to someone who does not. No matter how you try, they won't understand. All you can really do is keep writing and hope one day they will. And if they don't, you still write. Great post!