Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The What-If Game (That Men Play) #31WriteNow

"Girls only say I hate you to the guys that they love." So I refrain from saying anything at all. I don't hate him. I don't love him. I don't feel any sympathy for him. I'm no longer going to pat him on the back for doing a good job. I'm no longer going to shed any tears for the pain that he spreads.

Do you want to know what this one has done? I just wanted to be left alone and still do. However, having a girlfriend is not enough for him. Knowing that I don't want to play the role of a side chick is not enough for him. Knowing that all I want is to be shown some respect is not enough for him. So via Facebook he gave me a scenario.

The idea was that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. The idea was that if he had just at that moment broken up with her, would I be willing to have sex. Why would I have sex with him? Because his break-up with her was bound to happen (supposedly). Because he doesn't plan to be with her forever (even though they are together now.) Because he can admit that it's fucked up.

I think in his mind he really believed I'd fall for it. He thought I would really believe he had just broken up with her, become weak in the knees or that other area of my body, and invite him over for a couple hours. Nahh, I'm not that dumb. Do I look that dumb? I hope not, because I am not. I know the games, but this one I'm not willing to play.

You should beware of a woman with a broken heart, but what about a man set out to tear her apart? This is a real question.

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  1. The man is far more dangerous than the woman in that last sentence for a couple of reasons. One, with the woman it's usually fairly easy to tell by her words and actions if she's heartbroken and going to carry those things into the next relationship. If a mans intentions are to tear down a woman it's probably not as easy to be able to tell. Especially bc it would be part of his mo to deflect from his intentions and gain the woman's trust. After all if he wants to tear her down it can't be obvious it's on his agenda or he won't get past hello.