Friday, August 9, 2013

If It's My Idea...A Lesson From Kelly Price #31WriteNow

R&B Divas LA is in full swing and the ladies have wasted no time showing their different personalities. In the past few episodes they've discussed the drama that has touched each of their lives in great detail.

Michel'le has talked about becoming a mother and her (fake) marriage to Suge Knight. I love the way she talks about love and sex for some reason. She just makes me laugh. Dawn Richards has talked about being in an abusive marriage and now wanting children with her new man. Her problem is she's 47. Unless you're Halle Berry, having a child after the age of 40 is extremely tough. Lil Mo is a ghetto queen that has come a long way.

"I used to cuss you out. Now I just cuss you out a little bit."

Lil Mo has talked about getting a tattoo for every bad experience in her life. However, her new challenge is to take an experience and put it in monologue form. Chante Moore has shown us that she still has her wonderful talent. She has also dived into her co-parenting troubles with Kenny Lattimore. Claudette Ortiz has talked about her drama with her past group member from City High and her failed marriage. She is also showing us that she's serious about still having a singing career. Moving to Los Angeles and joining the cast of R&B Divas is her first step. The main reason all of these women are on a show together may possibly be Kelly Price.

From the beginning Kelly brought in an idea of doing vagina monologues. However, she's called it the "Not Yo' Mama's Monologue." These monologues consist of each women revealing a deep part of their past in front of an audience. Along with the monologue, they will have a song to match. It's more creative than an expensive concert, right?

Well after the idea of revealed, the women took it and immediately started planning everything out. A few of the women even found a guy named Fred to direct them. Kelly wasn't initially available because her schedule stays booked. However, when she found out what was going on she was mad. She didn't like the fact that the other women started planning something she should be in charge of. This is where the lesson kicks in.

"I'm trying to figure out where I lost control of this situation."

Kelly Price came up with an idea. In the midst of her idea she decided to include others. It's no secret that the minute you include one person, two, or even a village in your vision everyone else wants to change that vision. If not change it, figure out how they can make it better for you. However, some of us just want to be in charge of our own damn vision.

Kelly re-iterated the message of taking the control back. She tried to do is in as much of a nice way as possible first by bringing in her own director. It only confused the other women. Then once she realized no one was going for her kindness, she laid down the law.

"I heard you say I didn't bring this idea. That's not true. I brought it to you first and then to the other ladies. The level of input I asked was a lot because I feel like if this is something we're all gonna do we should all be involved. This is something I believe can be major and can be huge. If we can't get past the bickering process it's not gonna happen."

"I stay in my lane. My lane in this is the person who brought the idea to the ladies."

YES! for taking back control of your idea Kelly and reminding us that we should take control of our plans. No one else. Even if we're including others, we have to remind them who the boss is.

So, if it's my idea I'm the boss. I'm the creative director. Watch the full episode below.

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