Thursday, August 8, 2013

109 Year Old Women Need Bras Too #31WriteNow #DoubleDivas

109 year old women need bras too, but you'll only see this on Double Divas.

"Miss America, eat your heart out." There's an old woman in Georgia coming for the title.

Double Divas, an Lifetime original reality show, is back with season 2 and on the first episode they gave a 109 year old woman a bra. In fact she didn't just want a bra. She wanted a red one. The women knew just how to make her feel comfortable. Watch below.

I find this so cute. In the midst of all the drama reality shows give, this episode of Double Divas was really a breath of fresh air. That old woman looked so happy. I hope I'm as happy as she is if I reach that age. 


  1. I love this show. I watched it last season. I want to go down to GA just to see them. I live in SC so it's not that far.

    1. Yeah, they're store seems so interesting.

  2. I love being around older people!! I was a EMT-Paramedic for 10 years (which I LOVED doing) and I have to admit, geriatric patients were my favorite! I would look into their eyes and wonder what what all those eyes had seen thru the years. I loved my grandmothers and I was raised to respect my elders.