Monday, August 12, 2013

On Being An Acquired Taste #31WriteNow

After 26 years of battling awkwardness and few friends, I've realized I must be an acquired taste.

  • Acquired Taste- one that is unpleasant on immediate experience or only after being experienced repeatedly 
Have you ever met someone who claimed they've been popular all their life? As kids they were invited to every sleepover and birthday party. As teens they clubbed with their friends and back up lies to friend's parents. Plus their friends did the same and they just created all kinds of memorable moments. When they were in diapers they were getting attention from everyone and decades later it still hasn't stopped. That person is still cool with all their friends from grade school, ones they met in college, and old co-workers. I imagine this person looking something like Nicole Murphy. 

Have you been watching Hollywood Exes? Of all women Nicole Murphy is the prettiest. Although she went through a public divorce, a father that has passed away, a lot of pain that we'll never know about she is always glowing. She has this vibe that says she ain't got no worries and even more, she has close friends and family around at all times supporting her. She's definitely not an acquired taste. She's an instantly lovable person.

Actually to be more realistic my best friend is a younger Nicole Murphy. She was one of the first people I met upon arriving at Florida A&M University and I met several of her high school friends. She's done a lot of traveling, followed just about all her goals though, and made friend everywhere she's been. Plus, because of how great she is a lot of people have made sure to keep in touch with her. She hasn't had to chase everyone down, at least that's how I'm picturing it. She has been in demand. She's not an acquired taste. People just automatically love her. 

However, I'm an acquired taste. Around the age of 11 or 12 I hit an awkward stage. Do you remember that transition in middle school? I couldn't keep up with the changes going on. I could barely handle getting my period, so trying to hold onto friends I'd known since elementary was extra hard. My style sucked. Everyone was extra trendy, but my mom was like "fuck trends" and threw me in any kind of clothing. I became and awkward mess and never quite grew out of it. Oh yeah, I'm an awkward 26 year old with a friend long-term friends under my belt. A lot of people have met me and instantly hated me without even getting to know me. Some people have told me I grew on them. There were some who I thought were extra cool for unknown reasons, so I tried extra hard to make them apart of my life. Can I take that wasted effort back? 

This post was inspired by a tweet in the #31writenow hasthtag. Someone said they've gained at least 500 followers since starting the challenge. I've gained a few great people to talk to and exchange blog posts with. That person with the 500 new followers must be a lovable person. I guess I'll just be comfortable with being an acquired taste. 


  1. Pause. Homegirl gained 500 new followers since #31WriteNow?!?! Wow?!?!

    I understand what you're saying about being "awkward." I use to think I was an extrovert and center of the crowd because when I'm around people I'm the life of the party however it's not true. It's just the people I know.

    I've always had friends but I was different. I was more content being alone reading & writing instead of interacting with others. It's been times when I would go out with my friends and I would get bored and pull out my iPad and read a book. (Yes, I did this at an after work social) Weird but tis life. lol.

    I can honestly say I don't have any friends that just have that je nais se quoi. We were all kinds of weird growing up but they were more trendier than me. I didnt care to much about trends (still don't even though my 30 year old cousin try to force them on me).

    By typing this response, I just realized how weird & awkward I am. smh

  2. I never thought of it like that. Probably because to me you werent an acquired taste, we were cool from day 1 (TOPS). I'm kind of skeptical about the 500 new ppl though from doing the challenge............but YES for additional great ppl to talk with and exchange ideas, because a ton of just followers can't compare to that anyways.