Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving Through With A Goal #31WriteNow

Have you ever abandoned any goals that were extremely important to you? Whether they were abandoned because of naysayers or distractions, do those goals ever cross your mind now? Coming from a person that has a hard time letting go, I always remember the failed goals and the ones that can still be attainable.
From a 2010 Photo Album I titled "Gotta Find Peace of Mind"

For instance, while in college I made goals to never have roommates again after the last one, move to (first) Atlanta and then eventually to California. However, I was infatuated with the idea of Atlanta because that's where The Weather Channel and CNN's headquarters reside. The goal was to get a job working behind the scenes in a media outlet, preferably one of the two mentioned. From there I would work my way to the top, or a comfortable enough position. Yeah, none of that happened after college.

Upon having to live with my parents again after college I created new goals. One of those goals involved moving to California. Atlanta was ditched because I've been tired of the south for a while anyway. I found out that to start out I would need to save up at least $5,000 to make the move.

To not stress over the idea of moving to California, I also created a deadline to get published. Well, there were two deadlines to go with both goals. The deadlines passed, the goals were unaccomplished, and I was more stressed than ever because of circumstances.

To reduce stress I created freedom moments. You know how you always plan these great times out with friends only for them to never be available? I was tired to no one ever being available. I gave myself to freedom to go to clubs alone, sit in fancy restaurants alone, and take walks by the lake alone. However, while they relaxed me they weren't enough.

To get better I had to create another goal. It involved digging into my savings and moving out of my parent's house. The problem is that $5,000 goal would become even harder to attain. A year after moving out, there isn't even $1,000 in my savings.

I moved and will soon be moving to another apartment, but none of this has to do with my goals. None of this feels like achievement. While it's going to take a lot more stress, time, and patience, and sacrifices I have to move through with a goal. I have to move through with more than one goal.

Have you ever went the total opposite direction your heart was saying go in? Has it worked for you?

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