Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AIDS, Student Loans, And All of Those Other Life Lessons

Have you ever been so stressed that it felt like your head was about to explode? I mean you took in so much negative information that you could touch any part of your face/head and feel your brain pulsating? I think some people call that a migraine.

Well today is World Aids Day. I planned to wake up, wear red to represent safe sex and abstinence, write a blog post, and put an emblem on my facebook page. Of course things didn't go that way.

Instead I woke up to a phone call about student loan payments. It's weird. I get more calls about those than I do about job opportunities. As I spoke to the representative about the loan amout and the monthly payments the pulsating of the brain started. I could feel the headache coming on. The person was giving me no deferment plan and no options to decrease the payment. In fact the worse part about it is (other than not having a job) the payment amount was the same as making a month's rent. Can you say living in momma and daddy's house forever?

After getting off the phone I started looking for more jobs. Comcast (the internet company) must have predicted how my mind would work, because as awful as internet connection has been lately it's working perfectly today. Anyway, I applied to several jobs until the tears from aggravation started rolling down my face. I'm a crybaby when I reach my breaking point. Then I persisted to sit in silence.

Okay, the silence is a lie. I dialed phone numbers until someone answered. Then I let out all of my thoughts about my beloved college education, the freaking loans I had to take out because I was an out-of-state student with no job, and this damn money that I don't even have yet but need to start giving back. My friend, also my roommate from last year, listened intently. Maybe she was being kind by listening and maybe she was taking it as a lesson because she's a sophomore in college.

After talking to her I became more level-headed. The only problem now is I still need a job so I can make this rent money that will go to student loans instead of an apartment.

Also I didn't wear red for the holiday. Instead I threw on a blue shirt because blue is my comfort color. However, as stressful as student loans is preventing HIV and Aids is more important. Practice safe sex everyone or be abstinent.

P.S. I have a personality similar to Kandi's on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I talk about sex a lot, but I'm not not a participant at the moment.

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