Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards

Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards

Tomorrow night I'm going out of town, so instead of updating on the latest news I'll be giving you my first annual Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People Awards.  This awards idea came from the fact that every year many people make their claim to 2010. They say it will be their year of success. Most of us don't reach all of our goals and that is why these people deserved to get some attention from their accomplishments.

The awards will be given out in these categories:

  • Comeback Star of The Year

  • Favorite Hustler of The Year

  • Girl With The Best Style of The Year

  • Most Secretive Celebrity of The Year

  • Sexiest Rapper of The Year

  • Cutest Kid Star of The Year

  • The Star of 2010

  • Best Songs of The Year

A new winner will be announced everyday starting tomorrow. The winners in each category wins some attention on my blog. Make sure you check everyday for the winners.

P.S. There will be no post on Christmas.

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