Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie Has Her First Appearance on Television

Most bloggers are people that you can only read about, know their opinions on others, and see the interesting designs of their blogs. However, the computer screen is not the end for every blogger. Necole Bitchie, owner of, proved that today as she made her first appearance on 106 and Park.

Necole Bitchie is a reporter that has been known her powerful views on the internet, her style, which is out of the norm, and her name. Over 2 years ago she started her journey as blogger and now she is the highest paid blogger on the internet. But she's not letting the title of blogger be her highest success point.

Earlier today on 106 and Park host Rocsi made a comment saying we'll see more of Necole Bitchie. I wonder if she meant of of her on 106 and Park or more of her on BET.

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