Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Don't You Love Me (Poem)

This was inspired by Jessica Green. She made me want to write a poem. The title was inspired by Beyonce's song.

Why Don't You Love Me
By Miss Too Sexy

Why don’t you love me?
If you loved me I do anything for you.
I’d cook for you and clean up after you. 
I’d have all five of your kids.
Is that how many you want?
I’d watch sports with you
And I’d go to church with you.
I’d always want to make you happy
So I’d feel sad for you
I’d be mad for you
And I’d fight for you
I’d take a bullet for you
 Because my love for you is just that serious
If the cops were looking for you I’d do the time for you
I’d even commit the crime for you
What goes up must come down
So when you rise to the top I’d fall for you
But seriously I can’t promise I’d do all of those things for you
But I can assure my love for you
So why don’t you love me?
If you do I promise my love for you would be true. 

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