Sunday, December 5, 2010

Child Abuse Awareness/Targets For Pedophiles

Actions on the internet has become the main way of entertainment for the public. What happens on the internet usually makes it to the 5:00 news. That is exactly what has happened with a recent spread of cartoon pictures on Facebook statuses.

Originally the pictures were being advertised as a way to dive back into children memories. Then about a week ago they were being advertised as an awareness for child abuse. Once the child abuse was added many people started to participate. Everything from the Rugrats to Scooby Doo graced Facebook profiles. The news report is below. 

However, recent news suggests that these pictures could also be a way for child predators to get to new victims. On on hand that sounds odd because Facebook is supposed to be a teen and adult site, but there are several parents who have let their under aged children register on this website and also do not monitor the activities of those children. 

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