Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Game Called Life (Not Made By Milton Bradley)

Every time I turn around there's a new game on facebook. These games usually end up with one person submitting a question of some sort to another person's inbox and that other person answering on his/her status. The newest game that has graced people's pages is a numbers game. Again someone sends a person a number into their inbox. Then that person expresses their true feelings of the other on their status.

At first I thought games like these were a way for adults to feel like kids again. They can be fun. You submit that number and find out what that friend you've always called a bestie really thinks of you. Of course they say the nicest possible thing. Even if you don't know the person you at least compliment them on their profile picture. Leaves everyone with a happy memory. See how it can you make feel like a kid again. However, I'm realizing that's not the purpose of these games.

These games on Facebook give an insight into what life is like. When you really think about it life is a big game. Here's some examples:

 When you're a kid you start playing House. As you grow up you never stop playing. Instead you gain different options. There's the option to divorce, get abortions, adopt children, marry more than once, and of course live happily ever after by yourself.

 Dating game
 The dating game would be easy if we all learned how to communicate as children. However, with millions of languages, new slang words being made everyday, people who want everyone to do what they say, and people who just don't care what others think communication is a tough game. Maybe there should be a mandatory class where women and men have to sit and really listen to each other.

 Employment Game
 Even the homeless people play this game. This game involves resumes, cover letters, business suits, nice hair and make-up, and working people who have fun judging you. For homeless people it involves raggedy clothes and a sign begging for money. The judger's (yes I meant judger's) take on many roles in this game. They could be the ones interviewing you, your boss, your boss's boss, your co-workers, or the guest who approached you for help. From what I heard the employment game used to be easier. People could walk into a job one morning and be employed by the afternoon. Unfortunately it has now become a game of emailing resumes and cover letters and then anxiously waiting for responses. Well, sometimes the game is continually calling and hearing people say they'll call you back. Once employed the game gets harder because any type of wrong-doing can get you fired.

 Remember playing the game Monopoly. You played to gain money and buy all the houses on the board. Sometimes you were able to afford a big house and sometimes you ended up going to jail. Jail meant no money until you could earn your way out. There were also times where when someone landed on your property they either payed you or brought the property from you.

Life, also known as the Materialism game, is kind of  like that game. When you're little you just want everything without caring about what it takes to get anything. However, as an adult you make choices as to what you need to buy. For instance at some point in everyone's life they finally get a great job where they can take care of themselves. Then the decision comes on whether it's better to buy a house or move into an apartment (again for those college graduates). If a house is chosen you then have to figure out the best kind of house for your budget. Other things that fall under materialism is choosing the best stores for your budget (Walmart or Target), where to splurge at, and how much to set aside for bills.

Attitude Game
The attitude game is probably the most inconsistent game of them all. You never know what you're going to get out of this game. Sometimes you wake up with a happy attitude and by the end of the day you're mad at life. Sometimes you encounter others who's attitudes change every five minutes. Then they bring you down with them. It's the hardest game to control, but since millions of us manage to do it on a day-to-day basis it's possible to win it.

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