Thursday, December 16, 2010

What If You Don't Like What's Growing Out of Your Scalp?

Some people say natural (unprocessed) hair has been a way of wearing hair for many people since the beginning of their time. However, not everyone has been into the kinkiness of their hair texture. Everyone has a different reason for why they'd prefer anything else. Some Black women do it because they'd rather have the silky smoothness of the white woman. Some do it because their jobs won't allow the kinkiness of the roots. Others buy lace-front wigs because they love changing up their hairstyles. It's the same reason for wearing sow-ins and extensions. Some Black women would rather lace it up, weave it up, and braid it up because they just don't like what grows out of their scalp. So what if you don't like what's growing out of your scalp?

While browsing blogs I passed up this story of a 23-year old who's been growing her out natural for 6 months. She says it's about 3 inches long and very hard to deal with. She's even considered getting a perm again. To read the full story go to

I honestly think natural hair is like wearing a Rihanna hairstyle. It takes a brave person to work their kinky (God given) hair.

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