Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Songs of 2010 Award Goes To....

This award should be easy, but it's actually kind of hard. I'm just going to pull a couple of songs from youtube  that got stuck in my head this year. You can decide which one is the best.

Usher- There Goes My Baby
I was looking for my baby (boo) everywhere I went after hearing this song.

Monica- Love All Over Me
I fell in love with the thought of love again after hearing this song.

Fantasia- Bittersweet
Every time I hear this song a certain man pops in my mind.

Ciara- Ride
I'm still practicing so I can ride my future man perfectly. Thanks Ciara for the practice song.

Nicki Minaj- Right Thru Me
This song only got stuck in my head because it got more airplay than every Michael Jackson song ever made.

She Said Don't Cum In Me- Young Ray ft. Erika Kayne
This video and song is just hilarious. I never get tired of playing it.

Keri Hilson- The Way You Love Me
I don't know whether I like this song because of the controversy or because it was a good song, but I love Keri Hilson's music.

If you're reading this and you want to add to the list go ahead.

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