Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Reflections: The Look of The Young Business Woman

Necole Bitchie, 26
20 years ago in order to be respected  business women had to have the nice business suit. Some women chose to wear dress pants and a dressy jacket like the men while others stuck to dress skirts. These women stuck to these suits because they wanted to blend in. They wanted to be respected. They didn't want to be seen as sex objects or people that could be walked over. That was then, but now the look of the business woman has changed.

Now it's all about standing out and being different. Business suits force us to blend in, so women like Necole Bitchie, owner of, makes sure she makes a statement with every outfit. Below are some other business women that make statements with their appearance.

Joy Daily, 27 
Joy Daily, owner of and reporter for, recently made a statement on her show that she doesn't follow trends. She just does own her thing when it comes to style.

Lydia Cotton, 26
Lydia Cotton, a Houston blogger, is very outspoken on how she thinks everyone's life should be lived.

Amber Rose, 27
Amber Rose is a model who can make anything look hot. She even managed to make Kanye West look sexy. She'll wear everything from the normal red lipstick to blue lips, clothes to no clothes, and she's the most fierce woman with a bald head that I've ever seen. Plus, she's banking.

Keri Hilson, 28
Keri Hilson is a young entrepreneur that's doing her thing. She's making hits and writing hits too. She's creating her own style and singing to her own tune. No one can tell her anything. She simply wears what she wants and then puts out work that makes her outfit not even matter (although if I could wear her clothes I'd definitely steal them).

Nicki Minaj, 26

As a business woman Nicki Minaj has a style that only she could pull off. She comes up with new ways to physically stand out all the time and it works for her.

You get the point. If you can think of any other young female entrepreneurs with interesting styles, please add to the list.

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