Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comeback Star of The Year Award Goes To...

This award was hard to give out. Several celebrities competed in this category. Lil Kim came out with a diss record. Foxy Brown talked about change and then went back to her same mean ways. Red Man, Monica, Faith Evans, Ronald Isley, and R. Kelly released new music. P. Diddy came out with Diddy-Dirty Money. Rasheeda released mixtapes and Trey Songz started rapping. It was a lot of competition. However, I gave the award to Brandy Norwood.

Brandy did a lot. She cried on national television and talked about events people had forgotten. She hyped people up about a rap career that lasted five seconds. She talked about a lover who'd moved on by the time the show aired. She then revealed to the public that she had not had sex in six years. She danced on a show full of forgotten celebrities. While doing it all she showed off her great fashion sense. Congratulations Brandy.

The biggest thing Brandy did was have the paparazzi stalk her like she'd just released a new song. That's an accomplishment.

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