Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girl With The Best Style of The Year Award Goes To:

Nicki Minaj
106 and Park
Nicki Minaj has definitely earned this title. Nicki Minaj wore almost every color of the rainbow on her head this year. When she got bored with one specific color on her head she started wearing a wig with multiple colors. 

Nicki also wore clothes so tight it was hard to tell if she could even breathe at times. Check the photo of her on 106 and Park. That's actually my favorite outfit because it makes me want to hire her as my cleaning lady. 

Her clothes wasn't the only way Nicki kept herself in the limelight fashion-wise. There were also several reports of Nicki getting butt injections and wearing butt pads. Someone must have told her that men like women with big butts. 

The best thing about Nicki's style is there's always a more creative look waiting for someone to try and Nicki will be that girl to try it out. So, I'm keeping my eye out for what she wears in the future. 

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