Friday, December 3, 2010

There Once Was A Man (Random Memories)

FAMU 2008 Homecoming/My 22nd Birthday weekend
There once was a man at a college institution. This man was successful in his classes and popular around the school. He was a confident man. Some may have seen him as arrogant and conceded, but no one could doubt his skills. He was part of a male dance troupe, the president of that dance troupe, became a very popular title and position around the school, joined a very popular fraternity, and continually shined on the campus until the day he graduated.

However, long before he graduated he had women flocking to him. Most of the women on campus was infatuated with him and he enjoyed the attention. Then one day he met a young woman in her freshman year of college and was drawn to her. On the other hand she came off as awkward to him. He didn't realize it, but he intimidated her. Not only was his success intimidating. His looks, which were absolutely the best, was also intimidating. She was just a regular chick, not ugly but not the prettiest either. The only thing everyone had agreed on about her all her life was that she was skinny. She also didn't have enough confidence to deal with a man like him.

At some point her demeanor started to intimidate him. At times he'd be nice to her. He even came up with crazy nicknames to irritate her. Other times he'd avoid speaking to her, because what he needed was her attention . He was sexy, successful, and intelligent so he couldn't understand why she wouldn't give him the attention that other women was showing him. Finally one day he just couldn't handle it anymore. He started removing her out of his life by first hitting up his online pages. Then after he graduated he was sure he'd never see her or hear her name ever again.

The girl was me, but actually I had no idea what the guy was thinking. I was nice, but maybe a little too shy when first meeting him. You ever meet someone and it's an embarrassing moment for you? That's how I met him. It's hard for me to forget, because I've embarrassed myself in front of every guy that I've liked and I remember every experience.

 Anyway, the guy was sexy. He was better than sexy. He was the type of sexy that could give Usher and Trey Songz some competition. However, he did have a confidence that many could mistake as being conceded. As big as my crush on him was I couldn't act like the rest of the women and become another one of his personal servants. Did I mention this dude had males trying to be a part of his entourage also?

Well somewhere along the  lines we started to see too much of each other. Maybe it was because I always ended up going to the same events as him or maybe it was because we had several friends in common. The friends part doesn't even matter anymore, because I haven't seen or spoken to this guy in almost two years. In fact the only reason he popped into my mind was because a friend commented on a photo in one of my photo albums. After looking I scrolled through more photos until I saw a photo of him. It was my 22nd birthday and because of our friends I spent part of that birthday celebration at his place.

Even though we aren't Facebook friends I was curious about him. My curiosity led me to wonder to his Facebook page and find the URL to his website. After looking I realized he's gaining even more success in a different part of the country and he's still a heart breaker. His recent pictures are very sexy. I don't know if he still gives off that hint of arrogance. I don't know if he's found that woman that is going to give him the attention he needs while at the same time not worship the ground he walks on. I do wish  a lot more success for him.

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