Saturday, December 18, 2010

Akilah Piper Mccoy of Running Russell Simmons (IBW)

Age 23
Fashion Director for

"Fashion is not about one designer's thing. It's about that thing fitting in you."

"Just wear what makes you feel good."

"People recognize authenticity."

Akilah Piper Mccoy, only 23, is the Fashion Director for However, she didn't just apply to the job. Last night on The Joy Daily Show Piper talked about how she was in the paper (mgazines, newspapers) industry as a writer and the industry was fading at the time. She had to make a decision as to where she wanted to work, so she wrote Russell Simmons an email and applied as the fashion director. The twist was the job didn't actually exist at the time. She had to convince Russell Simmons how the job would be valuable to his company. That's a smart business woman.

P.S. One  of my friends and I has a joke about how journalists don't know how to cook. Well, Piper is one of those journalists that's not good in the kitchen.

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