Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Artist That Sums Up My Mood For The Week

A new year is almost here, but I'm not making any resolutions for 2011. I'm tired of new years goals, achievements, anticipations, etc. because there's always disappointments. Maybe if I don't expect much from the new year I can go through it with a smile. I've expected too much from this year. A lot of it didn't end in my favor. I graduated, but got no spectacular job. I moved away from a horrible roommate, but ended up downgrading back under the parent's roof. I barely enjoy myself, because of a lack of friends to hang with. The internet is my main way of communication with people. A lot of the time I actually like that new communication, but I still need to get out and be free.

Last night before leaving the house I tweeted this...
If I look like a streetwalker gansta rap made me do it. LOL, sike I wanted to create this. #feelinggoodaboutme

I love that song, because Ice Cube's words give a real sense of freedom. From what I understand the song was written because of the negatives views some people had of rap music. However, Ice Cube really explained that when people do and say some things they're doing it just because they can. By the way my tweet is not a line in the song. 

Ice Cube made a statement back in the day and that is why Keri Hilson is an artist that is inspiring me now. Recently she released a song/music video called "The Way You Love Me." It wasn't her firs sexually charged song, but the video was very sexually charged and shocked many people. I loved it and I loved her even more when she did an interview with Perez Hilton where she basically let the public know about the freak in her. 

I want to be like Miss Keri Baby. I want to be able to let the public know about the things that makes me unique (or at least stand out) and not be ashamed. Like she said "This ain't no pretty girl rock," but honestly this ain't no pretty girl world. This world is built for the extraordinarily crazy, sexy, and cool thinkers. 

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