Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favorite Hustler Of The Year Award Goes To Lil Kim

And the first award goes to Lil Kim for being my favorite hustler of the year.

At the beginning of 2010 Lil Kim was just a legend trying to make a come-back. Come back was what she did in the form of a beef. Well, the beef wasn't the beginning. First Lil Kim tried by sending nice words out to Lindsay Lohan. People were confused about that one.

Then she started the beef with Nicki Minaj. Nicki was the best person to target since she and Trina were the only female rappers doing making music world-wide. She first addressed this beef by saying Nicki never gave her props. Well, although Nicki took a huge bite out of Kim's style it was true that she didn't respect Kim. Check her music. Nicki doesn't like the older females. That only got people's attention a little.

Kim's next move to get the public's attention was by dissing Nicki in concerts. This got people's attention because Kim had other celebrities (such as Ray J) backing her up. While it got people's attention, the world needed Nicki to strike back in order for them to really care.

Nicki finally did that in a song called Roman's Revenge. Roman's Revenge would have been boring if Eminem wouldn't have been on the track. He was the perfect candidate to help Nicki since she's always angry. He also helped Kim because she had the full attention of practically everyone who likes to gossip.

While all of this was going on Kim, along with her cousin, was also opening up hair salons. Can you say she'd accomplished one of her hustler goals? Several celebrities and crowds of people showed up to her grand opening. However, that wasn't enough for Kim. She had to find other ways to keep her fans entertained and keep the money flowing. So she took more jabs at Nicki.

The Monday before Thanksgiving Nicki dropped Pink Friday. Then the Friday after Thanksgiving Kim dropped Black Friday. Black Friday was a diss track toward Nicki and the sad part about it was it could have been so much hotter. Where Kim went wrong was she said things in the track that the public already knew. But we also knew that she didn't really hate Nicki she just needed to do it to make more bank. Or maybe I just thought that.

Well Kim proved that it's not about hate on the Hot 97 radio show with Angie Martinez recently. See, Angie Martinez was the perfect person for her to go to since they did the Ladies Night remix together back in the day. On the show Kim said several thing about the beef and they all lead to money. One thing she said is that she'd do a song with Nicki if the money was right. Kim also said she would never put anyone on her album if they weren't paying her to be on it. The biggest thing Kim said was she's not about to leave Nicki alone anytime soon. That means she's going to run this beef into the ground until her career is back where she likes it. Can you say the word hustler?

Kim is also continuing to make appearances everywhere, working on new songs and videos, and her look is appearing to get better. Also, Kim is the number 6 most talked about person on twitter of the year and she's only been on twitter for a month.

(P.S. The the biggest achievement that Kim could make is to get P. Diddy back on her side. With her hustler mentality it just might happen. (Or maybe not))

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