Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Was Gettin Some... Shawna Speaks To Vibe on Departure From DTP Records

Remember the lyrics "I was gettin' some head"? Everyone was singing them. Those lyrics came from female singer Shawna. Shawna used to be under Ludacris' label DTP Records. After she left the record label she became another one-hit wonder. Well, recently she sat down with Vibe Magazine to talk about her departure. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

On 2010 Activities and Getting Back Into The Music Industry:
This year was really good for me. I got to really spend time with my family which I haven't been able to do in so long. I took a breather and just kinda looked at the game and where it's going... where I can fit in and really make an impact. Not just putting out loads of mixtapes and not making any noise. So, it's given me a chance to find out what lane nobody's riding, so I can jump in and just go. That's exactly what I needed too. You really can't see what's going on until you stand outside and analyze.

On Selling Records 
All my other records have never had as much success as "Gettin' Some," but I didn't want that to be my claim to fame. I'm such an intellect, so I need to let that be known. I feel like I'm well-educated and can speak on many different issues. 

Ending Her Successful Music Career:
I thought before I allow this industry to turn me into another statistic, I'm backing out gracefully and quietly

Her Loyalty To Ludacris And Her Fear of Failing
We haven't spoken and I do miss him a lot.  I'm so proud of everything that he's done. Honestly, when we were doing BOTS, I was really scared. Because I [knew] that people already knew Luda, but they don't really know me. And if this project was to come out and not do well, all of the blame would be on me. All of it. That was too much [pressure] for me. Had it been my own project and I was taking my own risk, then maybe I would have been more willing to take that leap, but I just didn't want it. 

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