Monday, April 22, 2013

Are Daughters Worth Saving?

Sometime in the 21st century a war to save black men from themselves erupted. How it started is not for sure. Maybe it was when some black man said he no longer loved black women and was going to date whites. That always raises blood pressure. It could have also started when Flava Flav was awarded his own television show. He's a gremlin in looks, has a bunch of kids by different women, but was given his own platform on national television, which left everyone in astonishment. Then again maybe this war has been going on since at least the 60's, which is rumored to have been the time black men were forced out of the homes leaving black women to become single moms. No matter when it started it's a national movement now. 

Everyone is trying to save the sons of this generation. Last year Dr. Steve Perry had a show, Save Our Sons, specifically dedicated to changing the lives of young boys who were headed down the wrong path. In the coming weeks Oprah will be the next time tackle the subject. Starting in May she will have several life classes dedicated to saving the sons. But what about the girls? Don't us girls need saving too?

As women we get chastised for everything. We're not sexy enough, or we are too sexy. This point is proven with the rise of twerking videos. We are way too independent and smart. Some men find that intimidating. Or we are too dependent and down right dumb? Throughout this last season Porsha Stewart was called dumb a lot. There are so many issues with us, but who is trying to save us from ourselves?

Have you been watching this new season of Iyanla's Fix My Life? She tried to save DMX from himself. It didn't work because he's comfortable in his lifestyle. She then tackled Sheree of Real Housewives of Atlanta and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield. While Sheree was chastised for her actions by both Iyanla and Bob, Iyanla babied Bob. She knew she couldn't save him from being the dead-beat dad he is. However, there's still this huge platform to save these men that don't even want to change. Can we as women get a platform to help us? 

It would be hard to save the daughters. Daughters grow into head-strong women. We argue our points until the opposing team has no points left, fight hard on national television and debates in general, and want what we want at all costs. We're not playing games. However, we can use a little guidance. Ratings would be just as high if someone wanted to offer us advice instead of always directing it at the man. After all it's a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman. 

So do you think daughters are worth saving?   

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