Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chey B, Why Twitter Is Not Here For Him

No reasonable person is here for this "relationship expert" Chey B or his senseless advice.
Actress Reagan Gomez is not supporting Chey B

Once upon a time the term "relationship experts" were left to those who had experience in healthy relationships. A man or woman had to have a ring on their finger and have been married for at least 20 years to even get anyone's attention. However, in 2013 anyone and everyone is jumping at the chance to claim the relationship expert title. One of those people is Chey B, a self made twitter relationship expert, and twitter is not here for him.

At some point last year this guy Chey B followed me on twitter. Being nice I followed him back. His tweets were horrendous. He insulted women for being friends with gay men. He claimed men were responsible for taking care of women as if we can't take care of ourselves. They were all dedicated to tearing the woman down just so some man could come in, pick up the pieces, and build his on robotic woman. How could you tell this? If anyone questioned Chey B, he always indirectly responded with some tweet about having haters. But no one was hating on him. People were just trying to give sound advice. I stopped following because the madness was too much for me. However, he didn't stop at that point. His tweets became so much worse that people started Retweeting them on my timeline just to make fun of him.

Since then this guy Chey B has published a relationship book called Food, Sex And Peace of Mind. He also has over 37,000 followers and is continuously giving out relationship advice. He's accomplished a lot since its been rumored that in 2011 her was homeless. What's wrong with his credentials? This guy is 24, somebody's baby daddy, and not in an actual relationship. So what kind of message is he preaching? There is no message, which is why twitter is not here for him. Last night Chey B had a book signing and twitter really came after him after people found out he didn't have more than 15 people show up. Some of the tweets are listed below.

This guy Chey B doesn't give up though. No matter how many people try to tear down his senseless relationship advice, he keeps moving. After the fail of an event, he proceeded to jump on twitter and advertise a book tour. The tour is supposed to take place in several states, but where will the money come from? Chey B. wants you to give him money to travel the country promoting his advice. This again is why twitter is not here for him. 

Oh, one more thing. Someone made a video of themselves at the event. Check it out below. 


  1. I dated Chey, a while back and he is very emotionally unstable and abusive. I was SHOCKED to find out he was calling himself a "relationship coach". He stalked me everywhere I went to the point that I had to get a restraining order. BTW he is 30 not 24

  2. So.... I stumbled upon this post after he tweeted out this said piece among with others. Girl.... he's really about to get an unfollow.

  3. Chey B actually tried to talk to me... I don't believe he had a phone.. and I think he was texting me thru a tablet.. for his suggestion of a first date.. he wanted me to come to his house so he can cook me dinner... I definitely DECLINED and I'm glad I did.. such a Loser