Monday, April 1, 2013

Trippin (Poem & National Poetry Month)

It's National Poetry Month. India Arie is making a comeback. Plus I just wrote a new poem. We'll call it Trippin. The following poem is about no particular man. I took different experiences with men and combined, which is why it sounds the way it does. Enjoy!


Brown skin/You know I love your brown skin/From the moment we met I couldn’t stop thinking of your brown skin/Soft to the touch/The first time we held hands made me blush/Very few blemishes/My body all over your body/From the first date we couldn’t wait/Couldn’t pretend away the connection we had made/Couldn’t pretend the sexual frustration away/So we rushed/In 20 to 30 minutes top we spit out a lot/Made each other feel like we’d known each other forever/Would you believe me if I said I’m in love/Before our bodies ever touched/Before we decided on your place or mine/Before the waiter brought back your credit card I was already on a natural high/So it never took much for you to get me out my clothes/But you did make me nervous/Obviously you were already a pro/And I was a woman willing to drop my guard for the night/Willing to let our passion collide/Willing to take the risk of waking up the next morning and being called a heaux/It’s amazing how deep passion can run/But yours was lacking some/Memories of great sex flooding my mind/No words from you the next morning/While you were busy going on about your life/Thinking you’d hit it just right/Maybe you’d call later/Maybe when   you were ready again I’d be ready too/I was in mourning/Taking shots as a little more of the good girl went bad/Wanting to hate you every time you sent a text and I said yes/Was I at least special/Or were you too self-centered to notice who was in front of you/I think you said I was/You said you don’t do this too much/Not every girl is your type/And even though you don’t act like it you think I’m just right/A little different/A little weird/Just your type/As I turn your nightmares into sweet dreams/Great sex/Many nights of interesting conversation/I got you on a power trip/But you got me trippin

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